Using Simply Analytics

Log in with your email login via the link (which is am FIU library portal).

  1. Go to the support menu (on the left) and find the tutorial video. It is at the bottom of the support menu.
  2. Create a new project.
  3. Locations are the zip codes for the clients you chose
  4. You can look up both demographics and competing businesses.
    1. Note that the political opponent will not appear, but I have given you a “proxy” to use to find information about him/her.
    2. Percentage of pizza customers (based on locations/total population) – number of those people likely to be interested in their children’s education or the environment.
    3. That second group is also the source of funds for Candidate Marsh.
  5. Remember demographics can also be looked up via the US Census (that is where SimplyAnalytics gets it numbers from, so they should be the same).
  6. Use ESRI for psychographics.